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What is an IMON licensee?

IMON licensees are reputable independent media-based organisations selected to create, manage and profit from developing a network of  Tekimon® screens in one primary city and/or any city in 32 provinces across China.

Maybe you don’t yet own media in China and seek the perfect opportunity. Perhaps you’re already a player in outdoor digital held back by existing infrastructure unable to seize emerging opportunities.

Only IMON’s Tekimon® hardware and TargetEngage™ software can position your business for the intuitive, analytical and engaged future of emerging outdoor media.

In China’s outdoor digital future there’s just one question. The answer is IMON.

Why become an IMON licensee?

Ease of cost and sales management, unprecedented audience monitoring technology and reporting capacity, initial cost offsetting, government-backed content and expedited approvals, and access to the biggest international advertising clients.

Investment in IMON’s Tekimon® screens can be offset by on-selling your exclusive access to sponsorship and product placement in an ongoing social education campaign backed by China’s government.

Your network of Tekimon® screens are all managed and updated 100% remotely, and IMON facilitates deployment and maintenance, so you can own media infrastructure across China without staff or physical offices. Your entire network controlled by a single computer.

IMON is the exclusively licensed internet-based network of interactive media and advertising across China. IMON’s access and your control as a licensee will equal unprecedented profit.

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