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Simple, real-time and reported. Change the game with IMON.

Buying media on IMON reaches and reports campaign analytics on real audience like never before - blow your clients’ minds with IMON.

Audience qualifying and tracking 

IMON allows real audiences in front of any Tekimon® smart screen to be anonymously captured by the screen’s ultra-wide view camera and recognized by Age and Gender through the Target Audience Recognition technology provided by IMON’s technology partner, Quividi. IMON continuously qualifies audience data and media content, to ensure that audiences receive messaging that is delivering content of proven interest to them as individuals.

IMON is also constantly tracking O2O experience against each customer, through Wi-Fi, NFC, QR codes and their MAC address (Media Access Control address). IMON delivers a targeted, interactive and truly amazing experience to each consumer and supports all practitioners in the DOOH industry, to precisely map out future steps to meet their audiences’ needs. 

Building a campaign

IMON’s online interface, TargetEngage™ , is a revolutionary system putting you in the drivers seat to reach the exact demographics you require. The big data behind IMON feeds into a learning system which tracks and suggests demographic patterns real-time to build into your campaign. Your preferences activate dynamic content triggered by audience engagement and your exact demographics.

TargetEngage™  also supports dynamic pricing, with bidding on key slots and demographics, and even allows you as a buyer to leverage your growing knowledge of the system to auction slots that you no longer require or wish to trade. TargetEngage™  is expanding to print, radio and TV and is likely to become an industry standard, so your skill using the system is as valuable as it is portable across the industry.

Imagine you could co-brand and sponsor the largest government education campaign in modern Chinese history. Now open your eyes to IMON...

Embed your media in a massive social education campaign

Imagine content that is fully integrated with an ongoing, government-backed plan to deliver social education messages across all media using a set of cartoon characters owned by IMON’s partner, ‘Windows of Welfare' .

The ‘Let’s Do it Right® social education program’, presented by ‘Windows of Welfare™', is required programing on every Tekimon® smart screen nationally; modeling new social norms in the Chinese century.

The positive impact of educational animation lies in its’ ability to promote public health, safety, decency and morals in the most interesting way possible.IMON exclusively allows you to buy media directly sponsoring content across themes, episodes or characters — so your clients can sponsor content related to their product, service or industry.IMON’s unprecedented penetration will grow your media in lockstep with generations of Chinese media consumers.