Unprecedented access.

An open door to 13 billion users across 60 cities and 32 provinces.

IMON is China’s biggest media project. With thousands of screens reaching millions of users across 60 cities, along with state-backed co-branding and streamlined approval, IMON is your opportunity to reach China.

Thousands of screens and millions of users

From Hainan to Harbin, from Shanghai to Xining, a vast network of Tekimon® screens in 60 cities across 32 provinces is about to switch on. It’s the largest intuitive media network in China.

Exclusive access to a national license

The IMON system is backed by a joint venture with China’s state-owned internet content compliance body, - an authority with just two partners - the World Bank and IMON’s parent, Heli Media. Our relationships allow us unprecedented media reach into China.

Sponsorship, co-branding, product placement and advertising in an ongoing, state-backed, public education campaign.

Sponsor or co-brand public service announcements

IMON is partnering with various Chinese government departments to deliver a comprehensive ongoing public education campaign using cartoon characters developed by IMON to become recognised across all media in China.

IMON exclusively allows you to buy media directly sponsoring content across themes, episodes or characters — so your clients can sponsor content related to their product, service or industry.


IMON partners with China’s government authorities in the nation’s only intuitive, analytical, networked digital smart outdoor system – Make IMON's partners yours.

Fast content approval

Get your creative content live across IMON’s network in lightning fast times. IMON’s partnerships with various authorities allow us to fast-track content approval processes.

Content vetting and approval by (Communications and Media Authority) is fully automated, beginning as content enters the system and hitting screens in a fast and seamless process.